El Chingon's Bad Ass Earthquake Relief Effort

The earthquake that hit Mexico City has killed at least 273 people and left the area in ruins. Collapsed buildings, lost homes, trapped people…our thoughts are with the people of Mexico. And we want our wallets to be with them as well. Join El Chingon in raising money for local relief organizations in Mexico and help them get the Bad Ass people of Central Mexico back on their feet!

Every dollar donated will go to LOCAL relief organizations – At El Chingon, they believe it’s very important to give directly to the source. Your donations will go to Central Mexico organizations that are providing relief and support to the area.

In addition to online donations, El Chingon is also donating funds from the purchase of their line of custom El Chingon merchandise to the Earthquake Relief effort. Head in today and pick out some a new outfit that you can feel good about!

They are also running Earthquake Relief menu specials through 10/31! Proceeds from the purchase of the specials will be matched and donated to those affected by the Mexico earthquakes.   

By: Kylie Turner

El Chingon is a client of Gaslamp District Media.

GDM We Rise Step and Support

GDM We Rise Step and Support

Ten years ago, Oscar “Ozzy” Gutierrez was like any normal 18 year old; getting ready to move out of his parent’s house and go away to school. Just days before he was set to leave, Ozzy was shopping for necessities for his new Rancho Cucamunga condo and was struck with blurry vision and a headache that dropped him to his knees. When over the counter meds and rest didn’t help, Ozzy went to Rady’s Childrens to find out what was wrong, and a CT revealed a small, pen-tip-sized shadow on his left cerebellum. Ozzy was admitted immediately, and for 2 weeks underwent testing. It wasn’t until a biopsy was performed that Doctors could make a definitive diagnosis: Glioblastoma multiforme. A brain tumor. Cancer.