This quote by Robert Ingersoll personifies the purpose of the charitable giving branch of Gaslamp District Media: GDM - We Rise. As an organization, Gaslamp District Media [GDM] works with many different venues, companies and individuals within the nightlife industry and seeks to demonstrate the positive influence the industry can have on the community.

Small businesses can make the world a better place – not just by selling great products or offering great services, but by actively collaborating with organizations to create opportunities for the next generation, to help people in need and to strengthen our community. Community-based nonprofits and charities strive to meet one or more needs within the community, often by filling the gap between the public and private sectors. But these organizations also need funding and volunteers to help accomplish their goals.

The purpose of the We Rise program is for GDM to bring awareness to local nonprofits through advocacy, fundraising and volunteering. Each quarter We Rise will work with a local, San Diego nonprofit either through volunteer, fundraising or event management efforts. 

As GDM partner Kevin McLaughlin succinctly put it, "It's easy to give money. It's not so easy to give your time. That's what we're offering: time. Because everything we do day in and day out means nothing if we’re not making a positive difference and influence in our city”. We hope you Rise with us, San Diego.

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