GDM We Rise Walk 4ALZ

Alzheimer's has probably affected someone close to you - it has certainly touched multiple members of our team. So we ask that you join us on Saturday, October 15 at Balboa Park where we will Walk4ALZ.

Why join the #GDMweRise team and Walk4ALZ? Roster DJ, Nicholas Escobar shares his own personal story: 

"I'm asking you to assist me and the GDM family in taking part in this year's WALK4AZ San Diego. I'm not usually the type of person to go public with my personal life, but this is a special case. I'm celebrating my birthday this year with a heavy heart. It's the first birthday without my mother by my side. I'd like to ask your help in honoring her spirit by paying tribute to her in the form of volunteering to serve others; something that was close to her heart . After her passing earlier this year, I made a pact to spend my birthday and holidays giving my time and care to those in need. Just like she always did for her family and those who needed it. My mother was a giver; she loved to do so much for others and asked nothing in return. This year I hope to do more in that spirit and with her memory in mind....but I can't do it without your help. I chose the WALK4AZ San Diego because of her and my first hand experience with the disease. Both my grandaddy and nanny (maternal great-grandparents) suffered from Alzheimer's/dementia. It's difficult for all parties involved when someone you love does not know who you are or they feel frightened. It affected my mother greatly as she saw it take control of her grandparents' mind. At at a young age I understood the dark cloud Alzheimer's brought along with it. 
Alzheimer's affects more than 5.4 million Americans and over 44 million worldwide. It is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. and 1 out of 3 seniors will die from the disease. With your support we can change this! 

Registration for WALK4ALZ is free and donations are at your discretion but encouraged. Special guests involved in the event include legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Mary Murphy of "So You Think You Can Dance" and former Charger Donnie Edwards. There has been some progress made in recent years but there's still so much to be done. On behalf of myself and my mother I thank you in advance for your donation, your love, friendship, kindness and support. I look forward to seeing all of you at Balboa Park on Oct. 15! Mama, this is for you!"

REGISTER: --> select "Walk4ALZ - Balboa" --> "Join a Team" --> "Team Member Registration" --> Team Name: search GDM we Rise -- > Join Team!

Alzheimer's San Diego is a new local nonprofit, and 100% of all dollars given to Alzheimer’s San Diego stay in San Diego. Walk4ALZ is San Diego's Premier Alzheimer's Walk to raise awareness and funds for local families impacted by Alzheimer's disease, as well as critical research for a cure! The walk on Oct 15 is FREE to register, we just ask that you donate directly to the cause! 100% of walk donations will stay in San Diego to help our community! So we hope you will join us and more than 4,000 of your fellow San Diegans for an inspiring day of fun and hope.

After Walk4Alz at Balboa concludes, the #GDMweRise team will be heading downtown for brunch at Meze Greek Fusion! Meze will be generously donating a portion of the brunch proceeds directly to Alzheimer's San Diego. So the more we all eat, the more money that's raised!!