Industry Helping Industry

Owner of Balanced Fitness and Health & co-founder of RMD Group, Rodrigo Iglesias has been known to help industry friends in need. Now we have the opportunity to help his family. Monday, July 18, Industry Boxing returns to the Gaslamp, and is taking place at Parq for the first time. A portion of the proceeds from the evening’s event will go to help with the cost of treatment for Rodrigo Iglesias’ mother who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic & Liver cancer.

Rod has 15+ years experience in the nightlife industry. From the Onyx Room to co-founding RMD Group with Dave Renzella and Michael Georgopoulos, Rod has made many friends and has built lasting relationships along the way. In 2013, Rod decided to follow another of his dreams and pursue a career in the fitness industry. As a co-owner of Balanced Fitness and Health, Rod continues to inspire peers and build on those key relationships.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Rod and hear a little about his background, his experience with Industry Boxing, and his relationship with his mother.

What were some of your favorite parts of working in the nightlife industry? Do you have any funny/embarrassing stories?

Well, any funny or memorable stories I have probably shouldn't be shared. But I can tell you that when I used to work the door at Onyx - which was a high end club - the lines and the wait for people to get in were so long. There were all these people dressed up, excited to go out, but because of the long wait, so many people would pee themselves while they were in line. Every week, without fail.

The relationships and camaraderie were definitely the best parts about the nightlife industry. We spent lot of late nights/early mornings together. If anything that’s what I miss - the people.

You once fought in Industry Boxing? Tell us about your experience.

Ha, it was interesting. Rudy Silva from Victory MMA asked me, and I only got about 1 week notice, so there wasn’t a lot of time to train. But the amount of people that were there for the fights - it was crazy...a great opportunity for clubs and venues to have exposure and also support one another.

How did you get into the fitness industry? Tell us more about Balanced.

I was a swimmer in college and have stayed active in swimming, water polo and with cross training. So you could say that fitness has always been a passion I wanted to pursue. When I felt that it was time to leave the nightlife industry and RMD, I knew I had to follow my dream and make a career in the fitness industry. So in 2013, Brian Kawano [co-owner and general manager] and I decided to open Balanced Fitness and Health.

Balanced is a fully functional fitness gym with its own personal training studio. We’re focused on results and on what you - as an individual - need to do to achieve your balanced lifestyle. Whether a balanced lifestyle for you is eating healthy and working out every day, or being able to eat what you want and going out while still incorporating fitness into your lifestyle. It’s all about what is “balanced” for you. You can learn to achieve your goals even if your lifestyle isn't 100 % healthy.

Do you mind sharing a little about your mom?

My mother, Denise Iglesias, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic/liver cancer. The doctors told us she has 6 months to live. But she never looked at it that way, she just saw the diagnosis as another bump in the road.

She is my role model; she moved here from Peru without knowing any English and stayed at a hostel. She learned English, found job, and was able to live out her dream. My mother is part of why I left nightlife to go to fitness; she made me want to follow my own dream.

[My mother] is outgoing...she loves to dance and go out, even at 75 years old. She is just a fun loving, approachable person. So even though it took a lot for me to accept donations for her treatment, and accept that Industry Boxing is raising funds for us, I realized that this industry really is about helping each other out. When you talk to people as they get older, they’ll tell you that they wish they would have swallowed their pride and asked for or taken help when it was offered. To include my mother, us, my feels really special. I'm thankful to Parq, to Victory and to Party Naked for actually putting on this fundraiser. You know, we're here to better each other. Thank you all.

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