Dare to Believe at the Unforgettable Prom

Dare to Believe at the Unforgettable Prom

Imagine you’re 6 years old, and your grandmother calls and tells you to turn the TV to channel 37; there’s a man levitating people in the street. So you turn on the TV to watch a man doing street magic. He’s doing a card trick next, and he asks the woman in front of him to pick a card. As he’s shuffling the deck, a card catches your eye and you remember it. The woman chooses her card and puts it back in the deck. The man shuffles again, and he pulls out a card and he says to the woman, “This is not your card, but imagine you’re at home watching right now. Is this your card?” And he holds up the card that caught your eye. Would this moment in time have an affect on you? Would it make you believe in magic?

In the world of magic and illusion, they say there are 2 significant moments for any magician: the day you get into magic; and the day magic gets into you. The day Chris Dare turned the TV to channel 37 and watched David Blaine perform street magic is the day that magic got into him.

Today Chris Dare is a 24 year old Mystic and Master Illusionist. His mission is to make the world “Dare to Believe”, which is the driving force  behind who he is as an Illusionist. Dare to Believe is a series of emotions felt in a moment in time to make people believe that anything is possible. Through his magic, Chris Dare seeks to impart this Dare to Believe message. In his youth, he began learning card tricks via youtube, and at 16 years old wanted to convey something unique through his magic. And so the Chris Dare persona and Dare to Believe movement were born.

“This theme is Magic with a Mission. It is the act of using magic to help people believe that nothing is impossible. If it is just for a split second or for a lifetime it is to show people that anything they wish to achieve they can do if they truly believe or better yet - Dare To Believe. This is our mission in all walks of life, “ explains Chris Dare and manager, Marc Corrado.

And Chris Dare will be bringing his Magic with a Mission to the Friends of Scott “Unforgettable Prom” on Friday, March 31st. As Friend of Scott Foundation’s signature event, Prom offers a carefree evening of dancing and revelry to nearly 200 teen survivors and patients of cancer. The theme of the 11th annual Unforgettable Prom is “Dream Big” - a message that is profound for anyone who has gone through or is going through cancer. Explains Friends of Scott founder, Carmen Delgadillo, “We want these kids to dream big - to feel that no matter the diagnosis or card they’ve been dealt, they should always strive and dream for wonderful things in their lives.” The Dare to Believe movement and Dream Big theme are both positive, impactful messages that will come to life during the Unforgettable Prom.

In line with the theme “Dream Big”, the Unforgettable Prom will transform its venue into a magical circus, complete with decor, performers and close-up magic. The guests will take part in an interactive night from start to finish. During prom Chris Dare seeks to transmit emotions of both strength and courage to guests through close-up magic. A trick he has been working on offers a feeling of strength to its recipient: “Squeeze this quarter and image you’re Superman/woman. [the quarter dents/folds] Take this quarter with you and any time you need strength, squeeze the quarter and strength will be there with you.” Guests will be able to take home something tangible that can make them feel that anything is possible when you Dream Big & Dare to Believe.

By Erin McLaughlin